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$120 (Usual $150) 13-week onwards 5D Gender Scan at Mount Waverly. Put note 'MW120' at booking page. 

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  • We changed our address from Burnside to Deer Park.

  •  New clinic in Millpark is open every Friday 4-630pm. 

  • New clinic in Wantirna South is open every Saturday 12-2pm. 

  • Promotional gender price at $120 at Burnside Studio by quoting 120promo via online booking. **

  • New clinic in Port Melbourne 1st and 3rd Saturday 9am-11am. 

  • New Clinic in Craigieburn every Wednesday 5pm-7pm from 12 Febryary 2020

  • More to come soon in Wyndham area and Frankston.

** Promotional gender price is only applicable from 14 weeks onwards. Thirteen weeks gender scan with more than 99.9% accuracy will still be charged at standard price $150.

Only Partners are welcomed to the scan room. 

Why Choose Us?
  • Operated by fully REGISTERED SONOGRAPHER

  • FREE 5D scan if you can find 3D/4D/HD/5D Realistic Vue images elsewhere in Melbourne better than us

  • Latest CCV (Crystal Clear Vue) technology used

  • Open during business hours, after hours and on weekends

  • Urgent or last minute bookings are welcomed

  • Substantial time spent during session 

  • Price beat guarantee by 10%*

* Price beat must be with compatible service provider. We do not match with service provider using non-branded ultrasound machine, portable ultrasound machine and the operators who are not qualified sonographer. However, you are still welcomed to call us to discuss. 

More than 500 5-star reviews on and more than 11,000 Facebook likes ( The highest hits in Early gender & 3D/4D/HD/Clear vue services in Melbourne and Australia! )



"Super happy with our scans. Visited first at 13 weeks for the gender scan to find out our bubs is a boy, and again today for our 5D scan for a better look at his little face! Tried for well over our session time to get the right angle as bub wanted to hide his face behind his hand, but in the end came out with some awesome shots, appreciate the effort made to really get the right shot of our little man. Definitely recommend!"

- Samantha - 


"Have been twice now for early gender scans and they have been nothing but fantastic. Always have someone to sit down with you and make sure you are absolutely happy with everything. They have been 100% correct with both genders of my babies. I am looking forward to going back yet again for another early gender scan."

- Taylor  -

Ultrasound Melbourne

Not all 3D/4D/5D baby scanning services are the same.


A high-quality scanning depends on 4 important factors:

  • the ultrasound technology;

  • the skill and experience of the sonographer;

  • the baby's position; and

  • the amount of amniotic fluid. 

3D 4D 5D Ultrasound Melbourne


Here at AMAZING SCAN, we not only fulfil the 2 requirements within our control, i.e. technology and skill,  we strive to exceeds our customers' expectation through professional, friendly and quality scanning service. On top of that, we have vast experience to turn the baby (where possible) to the best possible position in order to obtain the best possible clearest view. 


Along with the vast experience of our sonographer, we also own a most advanced 5D ultrasound technology with Foetus Real View (FRV) option enabling the viewing of the lifelike baby.


Why 5D/4D/3D Early Gender Scan?


5D scan is a fantastic way to connect with your baby. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your baby before their birth. In addition, the saved or printed pictures and videos are wonderful ways to share your joy with friends and family; and can be kept as memories for many years to come.


Amazing Scan proudly offers a range of ultrasound services, from basic early gender scans to stunningly engaging 5D scans. If you are at least 24 weeks pregnant, we guarantee you will get a best ever experience of viewing your baby from your session.


5D ultrasound explained 


  • Ultimately Amplified Reality Technology


  • Maximizing Reality and Information with Crystal Real View


  •  Producing cutting-edge 3D/4D/5D Images and videos 

5D Art
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