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Isaac Lam
  • Registered sonographer with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR)

  • Ten (10) years of diagnostic ultrasound scanning experience 

  • Massive experience for early gender determination and 3D/4D baby ultrasound

  • Extremely competent in gender determination from 13 weeks onward

The Sonographer

Registered on the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry and with more than 10 years diagnostic and pregnancy scans experience, our sonographer can provide you and your loved ones with an unforgettable experience meeting your unborn baby through our cutting edge technology called Crystal Clear Vue ( CCV).  

With a strong passion and vast experience at prenatal ultrasound scan, our sonographer can provide an early gender scan with extremely high accuracy from 13 weeks onwards. He will spend adequate amount of time to show you either a penis (Boy) or a labial (Girl) are seen at different angles and planes. Sometimes, three echogenic lines seen can be a baby boy and the protruding part can be a swollen clitoris of baby girl. Such differentiation requires highly experienced sonographer with vast experience of gender scan to detect and show it to you. Please have a look at our facebook parents' reviews to give you comfort in finding out your baby's gender at such an early stage of pregnancy.

In addition to the early gender scan, we can pride ourselves to be the best ultrasound service provider in 3D/4D/5D pictures and videos. With our highly experienced sonographer using the latest CCV technology, we can provide you with an experience of meeting your baby that none other can provide. Our sonographer will spend adequat time with you showing many activities and expressions of your little ones, giving you great memories during the session and provide you with ample pictures and videos as memories for many years to come.

As an diagnostic ultrasound service provider, we provide full prenatal ultrasound diagnostic services. Our sonographer is fully competent in undertaking diagnostic scan, including dating scan, 12-week down syndrome scan, morphology scan and third trimester scan. As a bonus, you will also get complimentary 5D pictures from second trimester scan onwards.

Please feel free to visit our FAQ page to find out more details about this service. If something you find unanswered, please call us at 0432320322, we will try to answer all possible questions you have. 

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